Maybelline 8 Shadow Palette Sunbaked Neutrals - Mini Review

30 April 2011

I bought this palette on a whim - these 8 pan palettes have been around for a while and I usually avoid Maybelline shadows, w/ the exception of some of the quads. But Maybelline was recently on a BOGO50% and I needed one more product. I was drawn to the colors.

I either like super neutral shades or super bright and colorful ones. Normally I go for the bright and neon but Maybelline doesn't do that, lol.

This contains a surprising amount of product for the price ($8.49 at Walgreens), considering that each of the shadows look really small. You get 6.2 g or .22 oz of eyeshadow, which means each shadow is .0275 oz; little over half of a normal shadow. This means if you were to buy two of these palettes, you would be getting 8 full-size shadows (albeit divided between palettes) for $17, when a normal MAC shadow is $14.50. This is pretty phenomenal.

A couple of the colors remind me of the Chai Latte quad. The only thing this palette lacks (and this is lacking in many Maybelline palettes) is a truly dark outer corner color. You have a dark olive green and a dark sparkly brown, but neither are as dark as I'd like. However, if you would want to use this as an everyday palette, you would probably be all set!

The back states:
  • 8 crease-free hours (I think they meant "colors" but who knows?)
  • Stay-true shades, fade-proof color
  • 3 flattering finishes: matte, shimmer, high pearl

All of the colors have very good pigmentation w/o a primer. They blend nicely. I always use Too Faced Shadow Insurance, so I'm not sure if these shadows would hold up w/o a primer, but honestly...if you've got the base, you might as well use it; it will only improve things!

I would say there is one true matte shade...the dark brown is a matte w/ a fine glitter. You have two shadows that could be used as a brow bone highlight or an all over lid color that are both shimmery; one a light taupe, the other a creamy off-white. The other two shimmer colors are a khaki green and a deeper olive green. Finally are the two high pearl shadows, which can be found in several other Maybelline quads and trios - a light copper and a dark copper shadow. They're very metallic looking and have the softest texture, which means they will fall out a teeny bit.

Overall I really like this palette!

FTC DISCLAIMER - Yeah, Walgreens gives me free things? And Maybelline gives me free things w/ Walgreens stickers? RIGHT. WRONG; paid for w/ my own money and I receive no fiscal or physical compensation for doing this review.
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